Build a rescue kit.

It’s National Preparedness Month – build a disaster kit

It’s National Preparedness Month (NPM) and a great time to think about building (or updating) your disaster supplies kit. It’s important to have basic necessities consolidated and ready to go during an emergency or disaster so that you can focus first and foremast on you and your loved ones’ safety. Make sure to include your emergency communication plan and any other important paperwork.

We recommend having a go-kit wherever you spend the majority of time, which may include your home, car (or commute bag if taking public transit), the office, school, etc. Additionally, it’s good to have a shelter-in-place kit and up to two weeks of supplies in case you are able to stay in your house but do not have access to the services and resources you typically rely on. Remember to consider your household’s unique needs when assembling your kits, such as pets or service animals, age of household members, and any medical needs.