Car Seats

Keeping your child safely secured in a properly installed and sized car seat can greatly reduce the risk of injuries during an automobile crash. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers tips on selecting and installing child safety seats. The VRFA Public Education division offers free car seat inspections for residents of Algona, Auburn or Pacific on a ‘by appointment’ basis:

For residents outside of the VRFA service area, below you can find a list of seat inspection sites in King and Pierce County:

Child car seat demo
Helmet fitting on child

Bike Safety

Riding a bicycle can be a fun and healthy way to get around.  Knowing basic bike safety tips and properly fitting your bike helmet will keep you riding safely. We offer custom fit bike helmets for a reduced price at our headquarters fire station for VRFA residents only.

Helmet fitting on child

Water Safety

Water safety is crucial in our region, where rivers and lakes are all around us and our water stays cold enough to cause hypothermia even in the summer months.  The VRFA sells custom-fit lifejackets for a reduced cost at our headquarters fire station for VRFA residents only.

Life jacket fitting
Checking for heart attack

Heart Attacks & Strokes

A heart attack occurs when a coronary artery, carrying blood to the muscles of the heart, is blocked. A stroke occurs when blood vessels carrying blood to the brain rupture or are blocked. If you or someone you know experiences a heart attack or stroke, call 9-1-1 immediately. Learn more about the signs and symptoms in the information sheet below.

Checking for heart attack

Vial of Life

In an emergency time is crucial and so is your medical information. Help emergency responders by maintaining your medical information in a “Vial of Life kit, free from the VRFA.  If your medications change, be sure to update your form. You can use the fillable form below and print it out at home.

Emergency kit
Doing push ups to stay fit

Fall Prevention

You can significantly reduce your risk for falls by staying fit, making sure your home environment is hazard free and asking your physician to review your medications on a regular basis.

Doing push ups to stay fit


Did you know poisoning is the leading cause of unintentional injury-related death? Learn more regarding toxic substances, poisoning prevention and what you can do if you suspect poisoning in the brochure below, visit the Washington Poison Center website at  or call them at 1-800-222-1222.

Potential window fall

Window Falls

Windows attract curious children, and those under the age of seven are most at risk of falling from windows. See the information sheet below for details on how to prevent window falls in your home.

Potential window fall