Auburn Area Fire Medic Campaign

The “Auburn Area Fire Medic Campaign” is chaired by members from the local Rotary and Soroptimist clubs, and supported by VRFA staff. This group evaluates needs for training and equipment on a yearly basis, then raises and distributes funds based upon these needs.

Over three decades, the Auburn Area Fire Medic Campaign has raised over $200,000 and supplied Firefighter/EMT’s with much needed equipment and training. Educational grants have been awarded for training in handling traumatic injuries, river rescue emergencies, hazardous material response, and confined space rescue. Equipment grants have provided for fully equipped aid cars, special rescue and medical aid equipment.

Most recently, Fire Medic grants have been used to purchase smoke alarms, life jackets & bicycle helmets offered to VRFA residents at a reduced price, and also cardiac defibrillation units to be carried in police vehicles.

The Fire Medic Campaign graciously accepts public donations. They can be made as a memorial and are used for training and special equipment. Mail donations with checks payable to:

Auburn Area Fire Medic Campaign
PO Box 1237
Auburn, WA 98071

Auburn Area Fire Medic Campaign logo