Recreational Fires

In accordance with Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 173-425, the only fires allowed within an “urban growth area” are “recreational fires”. By definition, “recreational fires” means cooking fires, campfires using charcoal or firewood that occur in designated areas or on private property for cooking, pleasure, or ceremonial purposes. Fires used for debris disposal purposes are not considered recreational fires but are considered residential fires.

Current Burn Ban Status

The VRFA Fire Marshal follows all burn bans set forth by the King County Fire Marshal AND Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. If the KC Fire Marshal OR Puget Sound Clean Air Agency has declared that a burn ban is in effect, the VRFA will not allow permitted burning until the burn ban is no longer in effect.

Burning during a burn ban may result in monetary fines beginning from $2,000 plus the cost of reimbursing the fire department for responding.


Recreational Fires

Cooking or camp fires using:

  • Seasoned firewood
  • Bare untreated, processed wood*
  • Charcoal briquettes.

Publicly owned areas with designated fire pits do not require a permit from the VRFA.

*Ideally with a moisture content less than 20 percent by weight.

Learn how to legally dispose of brush & yard waste here.


Residential Fires

  • Brush or other vegetation
  • Garbage or yard debris
  • Treated materials
  • Plastics

Yard waste and land maintenance bonfires and land clearing fires were banned by action of the State of Washington legislature in 1989.

Burn barrels are illegal in Washington.