The Valley Regional Fire Authority, in accordance with the Washington State Public Records Act RCW 42.56, allows for the release, inspection, or copying of records unless specifically exempted by law.

Records Portal

For all records requests, continue to the login page through the online portal below. If this is your first online request, please create an account and provide as much contact information as possible.

Public Records Request Portal

By creating an account, you will have the ability to track and monitor your public records requests. All communication from the agency will be sent directly to your email account.

Required Release Forms:

Please note that a completed and signed Release of Medical Records Form must accompany ALL requests for medical records, or you will receive redacted copies. The appropriate release forms are available on the VRFA Public Records Request Center, as well as below.

In addition, a valid, government-issued ID of the patient must accompany the request and proper medical release form; if the patient is deceased, then the request must be accompanied by the requestor’s ID.

Return this form with a copy of a valid, government-issued ID of the patient or the requestor will receive redacted copies.

Return this form with a copy of a valid, government-issued ID of the person whose signature appears on this document.

Medical records of a deceased person will only be released to the person who is legally authorized to receive the records pursuant to RCW 70.02.140 & 7.70.065(1)(a), or by court order.

Request Records via Mail:

You may also mail-in your request directly to our Records Department.

Print the following form here: Records Request Form

Valley Regional Fire Authority
Attn: Records
1101 D St NE
Auburn, WA 98002

For assistance, please contact:

Records Management Coordinator
Office Phone: (253) 288-5800
Fax: (253) 288-5900