A Valley Regional Fire Authority fire truck is parked in front of a house.

Recent fires in Auburn, Algona and Pacific were not result of a coordinated effort

The VRFA is aware of rumors circulating on social media suggesting that many of the fires occurring in our area over the last several days have been intentionally set. We would like to dispel these thoughts.

While the VRFA did respond to a large number of brush and residential fires between the dates of Sept. 4 and 14, VRFA fire investigators found only one of these fires to be an arson fire. This fire was the result of a dispute between neighbors and did not result in significant damage to property or landscape.

Many of the brush fires resulted from downed power lines escalated by a combination of high winds, low humidity and dry conditions. The majority of the residential fires were accidental in nature or undetermined, but not considered suspicious. Furthermore, VRFA fire investigators have found no evidence to suggest a coordinated effort to set fires in the communities of Auburn, Algona or Pacific.