A firefighter providing rescue service for a fire in the woods with smoke coming out of it.

Lea Hill Brush Fire Continues to Smolder

On Monday, November 16th, we responded to a brush fire in the 29800 block of 138th Ave SE in the Lea Hill area of Auburn. This fire continues to smolder and may continue to do so for a few days or…

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A fire in the woods with smoke coming out of it requires the immediate response of a Fire Department to dispatch firefighters for rescue operations.

Ongoing Lea Hill area brush fire creates smoke distraction

An ongoing brush fire on a hillside near the 29800 block of 138th Ave. SE on Lea Hill in Auburn continues to produce smoke and will likely do so for several more hours, possibly extending through…

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A picture of a map showing the Washington Emergency Management area, with an emphasis on the Valley Regional Fire Authority's services.

Heavy smoke in our area, take precautions

We are seeing heavy smoke in our area today. Stay safe & be sure to keep doors and windows closed. Turn air conditioners on recirculate if you have one. Don’t draw the bad air inside your home.…

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