A man in a Fire Department uniform standing in front of an American flag.

Fire Marshal David Casselman Retires

Fire Marshal David Casselman retires with 29 years of service to Algona, Auburn, and Pacific communities.

Hired in 1994, Dave had not planned on working in the fire service.  He was pursuing a career in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) when his father, Auburn Fire Captain Don Casselman, asked if he had ever considered being a firefighter.  Dave began testing and found himself on the hiring list for both Kent and Auburn.  With his dad on the verge of retirement, Dave chose the Auburn Fire Department (now VRFA) and began a successful career.

As a firefighter, Dave took on numerous challenges.  He served as a Medical Program Specialist (MPS) and Competency Based Training Instructor for 21 years, the longest tenure in King County.  In that position, he helped develop the current instruction format and program delivery used to train our Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).  He also worked with another MPS on a pilot program to bring the first Public Access Defibrillator to Auburn.

Dave also worked on the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) for 15 years, ten of them as the team leader.  He and a co-worker worked with the state to update and re-write numerous training modules.

In 2016, Casselman joined the VRFA Fire Marshal’s Office, conducting inspections and serving as a Fire Investigator.  In 2019 he was promoted to Assistant Fire Marshal, and in 2021 to Fire Marshal.

“Every day in the Fire Marshal’s office provides a new challenge, bringing about collaboration,” said Casselman.  “Not every job offers you the chance to say you have done something positive for your community and society.  The fire service is unique in that way,” said Casselman.

Fire Chief Brad Thompson said, “ Dave has always taken the time to study complex issues while also understanding how these issues affect people and organizations.  These skills have moved the Fire Marshal’s Office forward in fundamental ways.  Dave set out to improve life safety for our communities and accomplished his mission.”