Stage 2 burn ban lifted

King County Fire Chiefs terminate stage 2 burn ban, stage 1 remains in effect

Effectively immediately (Sept. 1, 2021), the King County Fire Chiefs Association is terminating the Stage 2 (Complete) Burn Ban.  This allows burning of small recreational fires to resume as described below.

Recent precipitation and cooler weather have allowed wildland fuels to recover moisture, and the local wildland fire danger has reduced to a level where it is safe to resume small recreational fires. The Stage 1 Burn Ban, issued on June 24, 2021 and covering all other outdoor burning, will remain in effect until further notice. Additionally this modification to the current burn ban status does not supersede the Washington State Governor’s Proclamation 21-10 which includes additional restrictions on state or publicly owned properties.

If you are planning a small recreational fire, please see our outdoor burning page for guidelines at: