Jeremy Eliott, a dedicated firefighter, receives the 2020 VFA Grit Award for his exceptional service and rescue efforts.

Firefighter Jeremy Elliott Chosen for 2020 VRFA Grit Award

Each year the VRFA recognizes a Firefighter and Fire Officer of the Year, plus awards a member who exemplifies one of the organization’s core values: selfless service, integrity, and grit. Recipients are chosen by their co-workers.  This week we will be recognizing our award winners, starting with the 2020 recipient of the VRFA Grit Award, Firefighter Jeremy Elliott.

Grit is a core value of the VRFA defined by perseverance, passion, resilience, and optimism. It is a never-quit attitude that reflects determination, focus, and endurance. Jeremy’s co-workers report a consistent display of grit since he was hired by the Auburn Fire Department, now VRFA in 2002. They note that he is constantly striving to improve himself and others. And, despite experiencing setbacks and adversity, he continues to learn, grow and remain optimistic in pursuing his career goals. Jeremy’s character, leadership, and commitment to do his best every day embody the meaning of the VRFA Grit Award.

Along with firefighting duties, Elliott serves as a mentor for apprentice firefighters, is a Hazardous Material Specialist, participates on the JATC committee, and is an acting captain.