Aaron Martin is the VRFA 2020 Firefighter of the Year

Each year the VRFA recognizes a Firefighter and Fire Officer of the Year, plus awards a member who exemplifies one of the organization’s core values: selfless service, integrity, and grit. Recipients are chosen by their co-workers.

Firefighter Aaron Martin, a nine-year veteran of the VRFA, takes on many extra duties to support his community and co-workers. He currently serves as a Public Information and Education Specialist, delivering safety messages to the community, and assists new employees as part of the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC). In addition, he helps co-workers cope with job-related stressors as a member of the Peer Support Team.

Aaron has stepped up to be a leader in both the VRFA and regional fire Public Information Officer programs, serving as a media liaison for our organization and other agencies in our region – even while off-duty. As a member of the JATC committee, he has proven his commitment to our organization by ensuring the highest level of training for our new firefighters. Lastly, Aaron is a very active and engaged member of our Peer Support Team. He has a genuine and skillful approach to caring for the mental and emotional well-being of his fellow firefighters and teammates.

As noted in his award nominations, Aaron displays exemplary skill in all aspects of the job. He is a tactician on the fire ground and a thoughtful and thorough Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Aaron is known for being a friendly, helpful, positive, team-oriented member of his crew, station, and the VRFA. His crew members say he is always willing to lend a hand, always ready to work hard to accomplish tasks and goals, always reliable, and true to his word.