A group of firefighters posing for a photo.

VRFA Welcomes Eight New Firefighters

We are proud of our eight newest probationary firefighters who graduated on January 17 from the South King County Fire Training Consortium. Please join us in congratulating John Abercrombie, Codee Allen, Jonathan Cookston, Anthony Hefferman, Iosefo Liufau, Robert Montano, Austin Netherton and Scott Ray

Two of your newest members received recognition for their work at the academy.

  • FF Cookston was awarded with the Chief’s Company Award
  • FF Montano was chosen by his peers to be the Class Speaker

They will first spend time with Community Risk Reduction, where they will become familiar with the Fire Marshal’s Office and learn about VRFA’s community outreach and education programs. They will also meet with the VRFA’s social workers to learn about the CARES program before reporting to shift.

We welcome you to the VRFA and wish all our new firefighters a long and fulfilling career serving our Algona, Auburn, and Pacific communities!