Stage 2 burn ban prohibits recreational fires in Kansas.

Stage 2 Complete Burn Ban Issued in King County

A Stage 2 Complete Burn Ban has been issued. In response to the warmer weather, decreased fuel moisture, and increased fire risk, the King County Fire Chiefs, King County Fire Marshals, and jurisdictions throughout King County have joined together to issue this burn ban covering all parts of King County. This means all outdoor fires, including recreational campfires, pellet fireplaces, cooking fires, and ceremonial fires, are PROHIBITED. The ban will remain in effect until further notice. The fire marshals are carefully monitoring weather conditions related to wildland fuels in the area. When these conditions return to more typical values, the ban will be terminated.
Propane or natural-gas fired grills, fireplaces, fire tables, pellet smokers, and other gas-fired appliances may continue to be used along with charcoal grills per manufacturer recommendations. Please use caution when disposing of charcoal remains.