Valley Regional Fire Authority's brush fire prevention poster.

Prevent Brush Fires

Due to dry weather conditions, we are seeing an uptick in brush and bark fires around our communities. We have responded to nine in the last 48 hours. Please use extreme caution while weather conditions remain dry. Here are a few tips to prevent brush and bark fires:

  • Discard cigarette butts in proper receptacles, not in planters, beauty bark, or out of your vehicle window.
  • Be sure chains and other metal parts aren’t dragging from your vehicle, as they can throw sparks.
  • Check your tire pressure. Driving on an exposed wheel rim can cause sparks.
  • Be careful driving through or parking on dry grass, as hot exhaust pipes can lead to fires.
  • Sparks from lawnmowers can start fires. Avoid mowing when it is dry or windy.