Pulsepoint is a life-saving rescue service.

Life Saving PulsePoint App launched in King County

Today, King County Fire Chiefs Association and Medic One Foundation announced the county-wide launch of PulsePoint, a free life-saving mobile app that notifies users when someone nearby is in cardiac arrest and needs immediate help.
PulsePoint is like an AMBER alert for sudden cardiac arrest victims. It uses location-based technology to alert community members to a sudden cardiac arrest in their immediate vicinity so they can get to the victim first and start hands-only CPR in those critical, life-saving minutes before first responders are able to arrive. The app only alerts individuals to a cardiac arrest in public locations, not private residences, and will now be available for the first time county-wide.
This joint effort by King County fire departments, NORCOM 911, Valley Communications, King County Fire Chiefs Association, and Medic One Foundation aims to recruit and empower more than 20,000 community members throughout King County to download the free app and become PulsePoint responders. No training is needed and whether or not someone responds is completely optional.
The free PulsePoint app is available for iPhone and Android and can be downloaded free at the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Watch the explanatory video here https://vimeo.com/157539251