Family with fire fighters in front of engine

Citizen Lifesaving Award

Yesterday afternoon, Chief Thompson presented Auburn resident Juan Borrayo with the Citizen Lifesaving Award. The VRFA presents this award to a citizen involved in lifesaving efforts before the fire department arrives at an emergency scene.

In early February, Juan was at home when he received a phone call from a relative who heard a smoke alarm and saw smoke coming from a nearby residence. He grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran towards the house, just down the street from his own. Juan approached the front door, opened it, and found the resident inside. After assisting the resident out, he re-entered the home and attempted to extinguish the fire emptying his fire extinguisher. Due to his immediate actions before firefighters arrived on the scene, the resident survived, and the structure sustained minimal damage.

Please join us in recognizing Juan for his courageous actions!