On a fateful night, a fierce fire erupted at an apartment building. The Valley Regional Fire Authority swiftly launched into action, responding with remarkable speed and expertise. Brave firefighters battled the raging flames to rescue

Damage estimated at 2.7 million for three-alarm apartment fire in Auburn

VRFA fire investigators estimate damages to the Riverfront Apartments, 1608 8th St. NE in Auburn, at $2.781 million. This number includes both the building and contents of the apartments. In addition, nine vehicles sustained $115,000 in damage. Four vehicles are considered a total loss and five received minor to moderate heat damage.

The building measures 36,069 square feet and was built in 1969. A 2019 renovation included a monitored fire alarm system.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Please direct any questions to public.info@vrfa.org