Home project of the week featuring Fire Department.

Wildland Urban Interface Home Project – Week 6

It’s the sixth week of our Wildland Urban Interface Home Project of the Week Campaign. Now that the outside of your home is ready, it’s time to put an emergency plan together should you need to evacuate.

Project: BE PREPARED. Have an emergency plan in place for everyone in your home, including pets. Know where you are going should you need to evacuate and learn all possible routes. Include an out-of-state contact in your plan so that you can let family members know you are safe.

Make sure your house number is legible and visible for first responders.

If there is a brush fire in your neighborhood, be sure to keep all doors and windows closed. Embers have destroyed homes by entering these openings and burning the structure from the inside out.

Put together a “Go Bag” ready. Be sure to include medications, pet supplies, and essential documents. Should you need to evacuate, having a “Go Bag” ready will save you valuable time.

Click here for more information on fire safety and escape planning.

To learn more about preparing for emergencies, including wildfire, visit https://www.doh.wa.gov/Emergencies/BePreparedBeSafe/SevereWeatherandNaturalDisasters/Wildfires.