A collage of pictures with the words make a plan for rescue.

September is National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month, a time to focus our attention on preparing for disasters and emergencies that could happen anywhere and at any time. As we’ve experienced in recent months, emergencies and disasters come in different forms – from earthquakes to pandemics. Over the next four weeks we will provide you with steps you can take to be proactive and prepared when disaster strikes.

Week 1 – Make a Plan
• Plan how you will receive local alerts and warnings
• Know your community’s hazards/risks
• Establish out-of-town contact and know how you will contact family members
• Choose a safe family meeting place
• Learn evacuation routes
• Tailor plans to specific needs of your household (children, pets, business, and older adults)
• Involve your entire family in planning for disasters
• Take COVID-19 precautions into consideration

For more information visit www.ready.gov/plan