Bike Safety


Now that you’ve learned about walking safety in this week’s Activity 1, let’s learn about bike safety. This also includes safety for scooters, skateboards and rollerblades.

Watch the video below and listen carefully for ways to keep you safe during all of your favorite wheeled sport activities!



Video made by the U.S Department of Transportation: Federal Highway Administration.


After watching the videos, answer the questions below.

  1. What should you always wear on your head when riding a bike, scooter, rollerblades or skateboard?
  2. Who should you ride with?
  3. When crossing the street, which ways should you look?


Coloring Page 

When bike riding, we have to follow the rules of the road. Color the street sign using the same color seen on these signs out on the road: Color the Street Signs.


Answers to questions above

  1.  A helmet and bright clothing
  2.  An adult or older sibling.
  3.  Look left, right and left again. Listen for cars.