A group of firefighters from Valley Regional Fire Authority standing around a raft in the woods, providing their service.

VRFA searches for man in White River

A regional swift water rescue team including the VRFA searched for a man in the White river, but called off the search due to lack of daylight on May 14, 2020. The search transitioned to a recovery mode and was turned over to the King County Sheriff’s Office, who reported the 65 year-old male had been found deceased in the White River on May 15.

The 9-1-1 call came in at 5:27 pm, after a small boat overturned in the White River. Two men reportedly fell into the water and only one made it safely to the shore. A full technical response was dispatched which included assistance from Renton Regional Fire Authority, Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority, King County Sherriff’s Office, Guardian One, Auburn Police and King County Medic One.

Swift water search teams, drones from the Auburn Police Department and the Guardian One helicopter made multiple efforts to locate the missing man, but ran out of daylight and the search was discontinued. The King County Sheriff’s Office then established a recovery effort. All questions regarding the recovery should be directed to them.