Valley Regional Fire Authority prioritizes safety through exceptional service.

VRFA Follows COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Fire Agencies across the region have put measures into place to help prevent COVID-19 from spreading, and to protect community members and personnel. 911 dispatchers are asking patients the right questions to keep crew members fully informed, and firefighters are following a number of safety protocols when responding to emergency calls. Read the latest update provided by the King County Fire Chiefs Association.

VRFA is fully prepared for the evolving COVID-19 outbreak. We have put measures into place to help protect you, our patients and ourselves. Dispatchers are doing an excellent job informing crews when patients are symptomatic, and responders are following appropriate safety protocols like wearing protective equipment, being extra careful when providing treatment, and decontaminating equipment/gear after calls. Learn more here.

Fire Agencies across King County are following a number of COVID-19 safety protocols to help protect patients and personnel as we continue to respond to emergency calls. If you see crew members in full protective gear, please know this is simply out of an abundance of caution. It should not be assumed that because you see firefighters respond with gloves, gowns, glasses and masks, that the patient they are treating has COVID-19. Confirmed cases will continue to be released by Public Health. Learn more about what we we’re doing to address COVID-19 here.