Valley Regional Fire Authority school program is an initiative conducted by the Fire Department where students are provided with valuable knowledge and training to become future firefighters.

2020 VRFA School Program Off to a Great Start

The 2020 VRFA School Program is off to a great start this year with the first classroom visits in mid-January. Over the next few months, the Public Education Team (two Public Information & Education Officers and four Firefighters) will be visiting students in kindergarten, first and second grades in the Auburn School District as well as the private schools in our community.

Kindergartners will learn about smoke alarms, crawling low under smoke, what to do if their clothes catch fire, matches and lighters are tools for grown-ups to use and they get to see what a firefighter looks like with all their gear on. First graders learn how to make a home escape plan. Second graders learn about bike safety, life jackets and why it is important for them to use a booster seat in the car. All classes review what they learned the previous year.