Fireworks safety

Happy 4th of July! We hope you have a fun time with your family and stay safe.

Just like matches and lighters, kids should stay far away from fireworks and not touch them as they can hurt you. Choose glow sticks instead to light up the night.

You can do a safe activity with the help of a grown-up called “Fireworks in a jar”.  Watch the video below with a grown-up and try the activity. You will need a jar or glass of warm water, cooking oil, food coloring and a fork.

Video: Safe Fireworks in a Jar Activity

Safety Tips:

  • Stay far away from all fireworks, even if they look like they are out
  • Never touch fireworks
  • Stay far away from anyone lighting fireworks and watch them from far away
  • Choose glow sticks or colored flash lights to light up the night