I spy for fire safety

Today you will learn to spot things that could cause a fire in your home. These things are sometimes called fire hazards.

Can you spot the fire hazards in his video?

I Spy Fire Safety Video

Watch the video below and see if you can spot all four fire hazards (something that could cause a fire). After the video, talk with your family about things you can do for fire safety in your home.


Complete Sparky’s checklist to be sure your home is safe: SparkyChecklist

Safety Tips

  •  Make sure your exits are clear from clutter so that you can escape fast if there’s a fire.
  •  Tell an adult if you find lighters or matches so they can put them away in a safe place.
  •  Space heaters should have a 3-foot safe zone around them from furniture or anything that can catch fire.
  •  Make sure to not plug in too many cords, so it doesn’t overload the outlet.