Close before you doze

Welcome back for week two of Kids Safety Academy!

Last week you learned about smoke alarms and calling 911. Along with having working fire alarms in your home it is a good idea to sleep with your bedroom door closed at night. Did you know that closing your door before you go to sleep can help slow the spread of a fire? Watch this video and learn about how closing your door can keep you safe.

Coloring Activity

Color your own room and promise to always close your door before you go to sleep:


Safety Tips

  • Remember to always have two ways out of every room as part of your escape plan, including the doors and windows!
  • Before opening your door, feel the door as high up as you can with the back of your hand and check the door knob. If it is hot, leave the door closed and use your second way out.
  • To help you keep the door closed, put a picture or poster of something you love on the back of your door so you can see it before you go to sleep.