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Board of Governance
Organizational Chart
Board Functions
Schedule of Meetings
Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Resolutions

Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Resolutions

Date Title
14-Aug-2018 Finance Committee Minutes
14-Aug-2018 Governance Board Minutes
9-Apr-2019 Finance Committee Minutes
9-Apr-2019 Governance Board Meeting Minutes
14-May-2019 Finance Committee Meeting
14-May-2019 Governance Board Meeting
9-Apr-2019 Finance Committee Agenda
9-Apr-2019 Governance Board Meeting
12-Feb-2019 Governance Board Minutes
12-Mar-2019 Finance Committee Agenda
12-Mar-2019 Governance Board Agenda
12-Feb-2019 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda
12-Feb-2019 Governance Board Agenda
08-Jan-2019 Finance Committee Meeting
08-Jan-2019 Governance Board Meeting
11-Dec-2018 Resolution No. 149
11-Dec-2018 Finance Committee Agenda
11-Dec-2018 Governance Board Agenda
2-Oct-2018 Special Finance Committee MInutes
10-Oct-2018 Special Finance Committee Minutes
30-Oct-2018 Special Governance Board Minutes
10-Oct-2018 Special Governance Board Minutes
14-Nov-2018 Resolution No. 146
14-Nov-2018 Resolution No. 147
14-Nov-2018 Resolution No. 148
14-Nov-2018 Special Governance Board Minutes
13-Nov-2018 Finance Committee Minutes
13-Nov-2018 Governance Board Minutes
13-Nov-2018 Finance Committee Agenda
13-Nov-2018 Governance Board Agenda
14-Nov-2018 Governance Board Special Meeting Agenda
30-Oct-2018 Special Governance Board Agenda
11-Sep-2018 Finance Committee Minutes
11-Sep-2018 Governance Board Minutes
10-Oct-2018 Finance Committee
10-Oct-2018 Governance Board Meeting
2-Oct-2018 Finance Committee Special Meeting
11-Sep-2018 Resolution No. 145
11-Sep-2018 Finance Committee Agenda
11-Sep-2018 Governance Board Agenda
10-Jul-2018 Finance Committee Minutes
10-Jul-2018 Governance Board Meeting Minutes
14-Aug-2018 Finance Committee Agenda
14-Aug-2018 Governance Board Meeting
12-Jun-2018 Finance Committee Minutes
12-Jun-2018 Governance Board Minutes
10-Jul-2018 Resolution No. 144
10-Jul-2018 Finance Committee Agenda
10-Jul-2018 Governance Board Agenda
8-May-2018 Finance Committee Minutes
8-May-2018 Governance Board Minutes
12-Jun-2018 Resolution No. 143
12-Jun-2018 Finance Committee Agenda
12-Jun-2018 Governance Board Agenda
10-Apr-2018 Finance Committee Minutes
10-Apr-2018 Governance Board Minutes
8-May-2018 Finance Committee Agenda
8-May-2018 Governance Board Meeting
10-Apr-2018 Finance Committee Agenda
10-Apr-2018 Goverance Board Agenda
13-Mar-2018 Finance Committee Minutes
13-Mar-2018 Governance Board Minutes
13-Mar-2018 Finance Committee Agenda
13-Mar-2018 Governance Board Meeting
9-Jan-2018 Finance Committee Minutes
9-Jan-2018 Goverance Board Minutes
13-Feb-2018 Finance Committee Minutes
13-Feb-2018 Governance Board Minutes
13-Feb-2018 Finance Committee Agenda
13-Feb-2018 Governance Board Agenda
12-Feb-2019 Governance Board Agenda
12-Dec-2017 Finance Committee Minutes
12-Dec-2017 Governance Board Meeting Minutes
9-Jan-2018 Finance Committee Agenda
9-Jan-2018 Governance Board Agenda
7-Nov-2017 Special Governance Board Minutes
14-Nov-2017 Finance Committee Minutes
14-Nov-2017 Governance Board Minutes
12-Dec-2017 Resolution No. 141
13-Nov-2017 Special Governance Board Minutes
12-Dec-2017 Resolution No. 142
12-Dec-2017 Finance Committee Agenda
12-Dec-2017 Governance Board Meeting
10-Oct-2017 Finance Committee Minutes
3-Oct-2017 Finance Committee Special Meeting Minutes
10-Oct-2017 Governance Board Minutes
13-Nov-2017 Board of Governance Special Agenda
14-Nov-2017 Finance Committee Meeting
14-Nov-2017 Governance Board Agenda
7-Nov-2017 Special Governance Board Meeting
12-Sep-2017 Finance Committee Minutes
12-Sep-2017 Governance Board Minutes
10-Oct-2017 Finance Committee Meeting
10-Oct-2017 Governance Board Agenda
8-Aug-2017 Finance Committee Minutes
8-Aug-2017 Governance Board Minutes
12-Sep-2017 Finance Committee Meeting
12-Sep-2017 Governance Board Agenda
8-Aug-2017 Finance Committee Agenda
11-Jul-2017 Finance Committee Minutes
8-Aug-2017 Governance Board Agenda
11-Jul-2017 Governance Board Minutes
8-Aug-2017 Resolution No. 136
13-Jun-2017 Finance Committee Minutes
13-Jun-2017 Governance Board Minutes
11-Jul-2017 Finance Committee Agenda
11-Jul-2017 Governance Board Meeting
13-Jun-2017 Finance Committee Agenda
13-Jun-2017 Governance Board Agenda
9-May-2017 Finance Committee Minutes
9-May-2017 Governance Board Minutes
9-May-2017 Resolution No. 135
9-May-2017 Finance Committee Agenda
9-May-2017 Governance Board Agenda
11-Apr-2017 Finance Committee Minutes
11-Apr-2017 Governance Board Minutes
11-Apr-2017 Board of Governance Agenda
11-Apr-2017 Finance Committee Agenda
14-Mar-2017 Finance Committee Agenda
14-Mar-2017 Finance Committee Minutes
14-Mar-2017 Governance Board Meeting
14-Mar-2017 Governance Board Minutes
14-Feb-2017 Finance Committee Minutes
14-Mar-2017 Governance Board Minutes
14-Feb-2017 Finance Committee Agenda
14-Feb-2017 Governance Board Agenda
10-Jan-2017 Finance Committee Agenda
10-Jan-2017 Finance Committee Minutes
10-Jan-2017 Governance Board Agenda
10-Jan-2017 Governance Board Minutes
13-Dec-2016 Finance Committee Agenda
13-Dec-2016 Finance Committee Minutes
13-Dec-2016 Governance Board Agenda
13-Dec-2016 Governance Board Minutes
13-Dec-2016 Resolution No. 134
8-Nov-2016 Finance Committee Agenda
8-Nov-2016 Finance Committee Amended Agenda
8-Nov-2016 Finance Committee Minutes
8-Nov-2016 Governance Board Agenda
8-Nov-2016 Governance Board Amended Agenda
8-Nov-2016 Governance Board Minutes
8-Nov-2016 Resolution No. 129
8-Nov-2016 Resolution No. 130
8-Nov-2016 Resolution No. 131
8-Nov-2016 Resolution No. 132
8-Nov-2016 Resolution No. 133
7-Nov-2016 Special Governance Board Agenda
07-Nov-2016 Special Governance Board Minutes
13-Sep-2016 Finance Committee Minutes
13-Sep-2016 Governance Board Minutes
27-Sep-2016 Special Finance Committee Minutes
25-Oct-2016 Governance Board Special Meeting Minutes
25-Oct-2016 Special Governance Board Agenda
11-Oct-2016 Finance Committee Minutes
11-Oct-2016 Governance Board Minutes
11-Oct-2016 Finance Committee Agenda
11-Oct-2016 Governance Board Agenda
9-Aug-2016 Finance Committee Minutes
9-Aug-2016 Governance Board Minutes
13-Sep-2016 Finance Committee Agenda
13-Sep-2016 Governance Board Meeting
12-Jul-2016 Finance Committee Minutes
12-Jul-2016 Governance Board Minutes
9-Aug-2016 Resolution No. 128
9-Aug-2016 Finance Committee Agenda
9-Aug-2016 Governance Board Agenda
10-May-2016 Finance Committee Minutes
14-Jun-2016 Finance Committee Minutes
14-Jun-2016 Governance Board Minutes
10-May-2016 Governance Board Minutes
12-Jul-2016 Resolution No. 127
14-Jun-2016 Finance Committee Agenda
14-Jun-2016 Governance Board Agenda
10-May-2016 Finance Committee Agenda
10-May-2016 Governance Board Agenda
12-Apr-2016 Finance Committee Minutes
12-Apr-2016 Governance Board Minutes
12-Apr-2016 Finance Committee Agenda
12-Apr-2016 Governance Board Agenda
8-Mar-2016 Finance Committee Agenda
8-Mar-2016 Finance Committee Minues
8-Mar-2016 Governance Board Agenda
8-Mar-2016 Governance Board Minutes
9-Feb-2016 Finance Committee Minutes
12-Jan-2016 Finance Committee Minutes
12-Jan-2016 Governance Board Minutes
9-Feb-2016 Governance Board Minutes
9-Feb-2016 Finance Committee Agenda
9-Feb-2016 Governance Board Agenda
8-Dec-2015 Finance Committee Minutes
8-Dec-2015 Governance Board Minutes
12-Jan-2016 Finance Committee Agenda
12-Jan-2016 Governance Board Agenda
13-Nov-2015 Special Governance Board Minutes
10-Nov-2015 Finance Committee Minutes
10-Nov-2015 Governance Board Minutes
08-Dec-2015 Finance Committee Agenda Modification
8-Dec-2015 Governance Board Agenda Modification
8-Dec-2015 Finance Committee Agenda
8-Dec-2015 Governance Board Agenda
13-Nov-2015 Resolution No. 123
13-Nov-2015 Resolution No. 124
13-Nov-2015 Resolution No. 125
13-Nov-2015 Resolution No. 126
10-Nov-2015 Resolution No. 122
13-Nov-2015 Special Governance Board Agenda
10-Nov-2015 Finance Committee Agenda
10-Nov-2015 Governance Board Agenda
27-Oct-2015 Special Governance Board Minutes
13-Oct-2015 Finance Committee Agenda
13-Oct-2015 Finance Committee Minutes
13-Oct-2015 Governance Board Agenda
13-Oct-2015 Governance Board Minutes
13-Oct-2015 Resolution No. 121
29-Sep-2015 Special Finance Committee Minutes
29-Sep-2015 Special Finance Committee Agenda
8-Sep-2015 Finance Committee Minutes
8-Sep-2015 Governance Board Minutes
8-Sep-2015 Finance Committee Agenda
8-Sep-2015 Governance Board Agenda
11-Aug-2015 Finance Committee Minutes
11-Aug-2015 Governance Board Minutes
11-Aug-2015 Finance Committee Agenda
11-Aug-2015 Governance Board Agenda
14-Jul-2015 Finance Committee Minutes
14-Jul-2015 Governance Board Minutes
14-Jul-2015 Resolution No. 120
14-Jul-2015 Finance Committee Agenda
14-Jul-2015 Governance Board Agenda
09-Jun-2015 Finance Committee Minutes
09-Jun-2015 Governance Board Minutes
9-Jun-2015 Finance Committee Agenda
09-Jun-2015 Governance Board Agenda
12-May-2015 Finance Committee Minutes
12-May-2015 Governance Board Minutes
12-May-2015 Resolution No. 119
12-May-2015 Finance Committee Agenda
12-May-2015 Governance Board Agenda
14-Apr-2015 Finance Committee Agenda
14-Apr-2015 Finance Committee Minutes
14-Apr-2015 Governance Board Agenda
14-Apr-2015 Governance Board Minutes
14-Apr-2015 Resolution No. 118
10-Mar-2015 Finance Committee Minutes
10-Mar-2015 Governance Board Minutes
10-Mar-2015 Resolution No. 117
10-Mar-2015 Finance Committee Agenda
10-Mar-2015 Governance Board Agenda
10-Feb-2015 Finance Committee Minutes
10-Feb-2015 Governance Board Minutes
10-Feb-2015 Finance Committee Agenda
10-Feb-2015 Governance Board Agenda
13-Jan-2015 Finance Committee Minutes
13-Jan-2015 Governance Board Minutes
13-Jan-2015 Finance Committee Agenda
13-Jan-2015 Governance Board Agenda
9-Dec-2014 Finance Committee Agenda
09-Dec-2014 Finance Committee Minutes
9-Dec-2014 Governance Board Agenda
9-Dec-2014 Governance Board Minutes
9-Dec-2014 Resolution No. 114
9-Dec-2014 Resolution No. 115
9-Dec-2014 Resolution No. 116
13-Nov-2014 Resolution No. 111
13-Nov-2014 Resolution No. 112
13-Nov-2014 Resolution No. 113
13-Nov-2014 Special Goverance Board Agenda
13-Nov-2014 Special Governance Board Agenda
13-Nov-2014 Special Governance Board Minutes
12-Nov-2014 Finance Committee Agenda
12-Nov-2014 Finance Committee Minutes
12-Nov-2014 Governance Board Agenda
12-Nov-2014 Governance Board Minutes
21-Oct-2014 Special Governance Board Minutes
21-Oct-2014 Special Governance Board Agenda
14-Oct-2014 Finance Committee Agenda
9-Sep-2014 Finance Committee Minutes
14-Oct-2014 Finance Committee Minutes
14-Oct-2014 Governance Board Agenda
9-Sep-2014 Governance Board Minutes
14-Oct-2014 Governance Board Minutes
14-Oct-2014 Resolution No. 109
14-Oct-2014 Resolution No. 110
23-Sep-2014 Special Finance Committee Minutes
23-Sep-2014 Special Finance Committee Agenda
9-Sep-2014 Finance Committee Agenda
9-Sep-2014 Governance Board Agenda
9-Sep-2014 Resolution No. 108
12-Aug-2014 Finance Committee Agenda
12-Aug-2014 Finance Committee Minutes
12-Aug-2014 Governance Board Agenda
12-Aug-2014 Governance Board Minutes
8-Jul-2014 Finance Committee Minutes
8-Jul-2014 Governance Board Minutes
8-Jul-2014 Resolution No. 107
8-Jul-2014 Finance Committee Agenda
8-Jul-2014 Governance Board Agenda
10-Jun-2014 Finance Committee Agenda
10-Jun-2014 Finance Committee Minutes
10-Jun-2014 Governance Board Agenda
10-Jun-2014 Governance Board Minutes
13-May-2014 Finance Committee Agenda
13-May-2014 Finance Committee Minutes
13-May-2014 Governance Board Ageda
13-May-2014 Governance Board Minutes
8-Apr-2014 Finance Committee Agenda
8-Apr-2014 Finance Committee Minutes
8-Apr-2014 Governance Board Agenda
8-Apr-2014 Governance Board Minutes
8-Apr-2014 Resolution No. 105
11-Mar-2014 Finance Committee Minutes
11-Mar-2014 Governance Board Minutes
11-Mar-2014 Finance Committee Agenda
11-Mar-2014 Governance Board Agenda
11-Feb-2014 Finance Committee Agenda
11-Feb-2014 Finance Committee Minutes
11-Feb-2014 Governance Board Agenda
11-Feb-2014 Governance Board Minutes
14-Jan-2014 Finance Committee Minutes
14-Jan-2014 Governance Board Agenda
14-Jan-2014 Governance Board Agenda Modification
14-Jan-2014 Governance Board Minutes
14-Jan-2014 Finance Committee Agenda
12-Dec-2013 Finance Committee Agenda
12-Dec-2013 Finance Committee Minutes
12-Dec-2013 Governance Board Agenda
12-Dec-2013 Governance Board Agenda Modification
12-Dec-2013 Governance Board Minutes
12-Dec-2013 Resolution No. 104
15-Nov-2013 Resolution No. 101
15-Nov-2013 Resolution No. 102
15-Nov-2013 Resolution No. 103
15-Nov-2013 Special Governance Board Agenda
15-Nov-2013 Special Governance Board Minutes
14-Nov-2013 Finance Committee Minutes
14-Nov-2013 Governance Board Agenda Modification
14-Nov-2013 Governance Board Minutes
14-Nov-2013 Finance Committee Agenda
14-Nov-2013 Governance Board Agenda
18-Oct-2013 Special Governance Board Meeting
18-Oct-2013 Special Governance Board Minutes
10-Oct-2013 Resolution No. 99
10-Oct-2013 Finance Committee Minutes
10-Oct-2013 Governance Board Minutes
10-Oct-2013 Resolution No. 100
10-Oct-2013 Finance Committee Agenda
10-Oct-2013 Governance Board Agenda
26-Sep-2013 Special Finance Committee Minutes
12-Aug-2014 Governance Board Minutes
26-Sep-2013 Special Finance Committee Agenda
23-Sep-2014 Special Finance Committee Agenda
12-Sep-2013 Finance Committee Minutes
12-Sep-2013 Governance Board Minutes
12-Sep-2013 Resolution No. 98
12-Sep-2013 Finance Committee Agenda
12-Sep-2013 Governance Board Agenda
12-Aug-2014 Finance Committee Minutes
8-Aug-2013 Board of Governance Agenda
8-Aug-2013 Finance Committee Agenda
8-Aug-2013 Finance Committee Agenda Modification Notice
8-Aug-2013 Finance Committee Minutes
8-Aug-2013 Governance Board Agenda Modification Notice
8-Aug-2013 Governance Board Minutes
11-Jul-2013 Finance Committee Agenda
11-Jul-2013 Finance Committee Minutes
11-Jul-2013 Governance Board Agenda
11-Jul-2013 Governance Board Minutes
13-Jun-2013 Finance Committee Minutes
13-Jun-2013 Governance Board Agenda
13-Jun-2013 Governance Board Minutes
13-Jun-2013 Finance Committee Agenda
9-May-2013 Finance Committee Minutes
9-May-2013 Governance Board Minutes
9-May-2013 Finance Committee Agenda
9-May-2013 Governance Board Agenda
11-Apr-2013 Finance Committee Minutes
11-Apr-2013 Governance Board Minutes
11-Apr-2013 Finance Committee Agenda
11-Apr-2013 Governance Board Agenda
14-Mar-2013 Finance Committee Minutes
14-Mar-2013 Governance Board Minutes
14-Mar-2013 Resolution No. 96
14-Mar-2013 Finance Committee Agenda
14-Mar-2013 Goverance Board Agenda
14-Feb-2013 Finance Committee Agenda
14-Feb-2013 Finance Committee Minutes
14-Feb-2013 Governance Board Agenda
14-Feb-2013 Governance Board Minutes
10-Jan-2013 Finance Committee Agenda
10-Jan-2013 Governance Board Agenda
13-Dec-2012 Finance Committee Agenda
13-Dec-2012 Finance Committee Minutes
13-Dec-2012 Governance Board Agenda
13-Dec-2012 Governance Board Minutes
13-Dec-2012 Resolution No. 95
9-Nov-2012 Resolution No. 92
9-Nov-2012 Resolution No. 93
9-Nov-2012 Resolution No. 94
9-Nov-2012 Special Governance Board Minutes
8-Nov-2012 Finance Committee Minutes
8-Nov-2012 Governance Board Minutes
8-Nov-2012 Finance Committee Agenda
8-Nov-2012 Governance Board Agenda
09-Nov-2012 Special Governance Board Agenda
17-Oct-2012 Special Governance Board Agenda
17-Oct-2012 Special Governance Board Minutes
11-Oct-2012 Finance Committee Agenda
11-Oct-2012 Finance Committee Minutes
11-Oct-2012 Governance Board Agenda
11-Oct-2012 Governance Board Minutes
27-Sep-2012 Special Finance Committee Agenda
13-Sep-2012 Finance Committee Agenda
13-Sep-2012 Finance Committee Minutes
13-Sep-2012 Governance Board Agenda
13-Sep-2012 Governance Board Minutes
9-Aug-2012 Finance Committee Agenda
09-Aug-2012 Finance Committee Minutes
9-Aug-2012 Governance Board Agenda
9-Aug-2012 Governance Board Minutes
9-Aug-2012 Resolution No. 91
12-Jul-2012 Finance Committee Agenda
12-Jul-2012 Finance Committee Minutes
12-Jul-2012 Governance Board Agenda
12-Jul-2012 Governance Board Minutes
14-Jun-2012 Finance Committee Agenda
14-Jun-2012 Finance Committee Minutes
14-Jun-2012 Governance Board Agenda
14-Jun-2012 Governance Board Minutes
14-Jun-2012 Resolution No. 90
10-May-2012 Finance Committee Agenda
10-May-2012 Finance Committee Minutes
10-May-2012 Governance Board Agenda
10-May-2012 Governance Board Minutes
10-May-2012 Resolution No. 89
12-Apr-2012 Finance Committee Agenda
12-Apr-2012 Finance Committee Minutes
12-Apr-2012 Governance Board Agenda
12-Apr-2012 Governance Board Minutes
12-Apr-2012 Resolution No. 88
08-Mar-2012 Finance Committee Agenda
08-Mar-2012 Finance Committee Minutes
08-Mar-2012 Governance Board Agenda
08-Mar-2012 Governance Board Minutes
09-Feb-2012 Finance Committee Agenda
09-Feb-2012 Finance Committee Minutes
09-Feb-2012 Goverance Board Minutes
09-Feb-2012 Governance Board Agenda
12-Jan-2012 Finance Committee Agenda
12-Jan-2012 Finance Committee Minutes
12-Jan-2012 Governance Board Agenda
12-Jan-2012 Governance Board Minutes
12-Jan-2012 Resolution No. 87
08-Dec-2011 Finance Committee Agenda
08-Dec-2011 Finance Committee Minutes
08-Dec-2011 Governance Board Agenda
08-Dec-2011 Governance Board Minutes
10-Nov-2011 Finance Committee Agenda
10-Nov-2011 Finance Committee Minutes
10-Nov-2011 Governance Board Agenda
10-Nov-2011 Governance Board Minutes
10-Nov-2011 Resolution No. 83
10-Nov-2011 Resolution No. 84
10-Nov-2011 Resolution No. 85
10-Nov-2011 Resolution No. 86
09-Nov-2011 Special Governance Board Agenda
09-Nov-2011 Special Governance Board Minutes
20-Oct-2011 Special Governance Board Agenda
20-Oct-2011 Special Governance Board Minutes
13-Oct-2011 Finance Committee Agenda
13-Oct-2011 Governance Board Agenda
21-Sep-2011 Special Finance Committee Minutes
08-Sep-2011 Finance Committee Agenda
08-Sep-2011 Finance Committee Minutes
08-Sep-2011 Governance Board Agenda
08-Sep-2011 Governance Board Minutes
11-Aug-2011 Finance Committee Agenda
11-Aug-2011 Finance Committee Minutes
11-Aug-2011 Governance Board Agenda
11-Aug-2011 Governance Board Minutes
11-Aug-2011 Resolution No. 81
14-Jul-2011 Finance Committee Agenda
14-Jul-2011 Finance Committee Minutes
14-Jul-2011 Governance Board Agenda
14-Jul-2011 Governance Board Minutes
09-Jun-2011 Finance Committee Agenda
09-Jun-2011 Finance Committee Minutes
09-Jun-2011 Governance Board Agenda
09-Jun-2011 Governance Board Minutes
14-Apr-2011 Finance Committee Agenda
14-Apr-2011 Finance Committee Minutes
14-Apr-2011 Governance Board Agenda
14-Apr-2011 Governance Board Minutes
14-Apr-2011 Resolution No. 79
14-Apr-2011 Resolution No. 80
10-Mar-2011 Finance Committee Agenda
10-Mar-2011 Finance Committee Minutes
10-Mar-2011 Governance Board Agenda
10-Mar-2011 Governance Board Minutes
10-Feb-2011 Finance Committee Agenda
10-Feb-2011 Finance Committee Minutes

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