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Fire & Life Safety in the Home

Home Fire Escape Plan: Be sure your family can get out quickly and safely in case of a fire in your home. Plan and practice your home fire escape. All family members should know two ways out of every room, what to do if they run into smoke or fire and where the family meeting place is located. Use the fire escape plan guidelines below to help make sure your family is prepared.

Escape Plan

Home Safe Home: Did you know that there has been a 600% increase in candle fires in the last 10 years? Or that kitchen fires are the number one cause of residential fires? Most home fires can be easily prevented by finding and fixing any safety hazards you may have. Use the safety checklist below to inspect every room of your home for possible problems.

Home Safety Checklist

Smoke Alarms: Working smoke alarms can increase your chance of surviving a fire in your home by 50 percent. Selecting the right type of smoke alarms for each area of your home, cleaning them, changing the batteries and replacing them every 10 years is crucial to ensuring they will warn you in the event of a fire. Click on the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm tip sheet below to learn more.

Smoke Alarms

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