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Child Safety

Children pose a special risk for injuries in many situations. Be sure to look around your home for safety hazards including hot water, poisons, upper story windows in need of window guards, uncovered electrical outlets, candles, matches and lighters and sharp objects. The booklet and websites below, along with the information included in this section on bike safety and child car seats, will help you keep your children safe.

Fire Stoppers: If your child has used fire inappropriately, contact the Public Education Division of the VRFA at 253-288-5800 to set up a Fire Stoppers session. Also, immediately remove all fire starting tools from his/her environment. The free session lasts approximately one and a half hours, and is confidential. Questions are asked of both the child and parent/guardian in an effort to determine the motivation for fire use. Fire safety education, possible fire-setting consequences and making responsible choices are also covered in the session.

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