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Child Car Seats

Keeping your child safely secured in a properly installed and sized car seat can greatly reduce the risk of injuries during an automobile crash.  Simple guidelines are offered below. For more detailed information and a summary of the Washington State Child Restraint Law click here.

  • Children up to age two are five times safer in a rear-facing car seat. Keep your child rear-facing to the weight/height limits of their convertible car seat (usually 30-45 pounds, depending on the model).

  • Children over age two (and/or have reached the rear-facing limits of their convertible car seat) should ride in a forward facing car seat with a 5-point harness as long as possible.

  • Children who have reached the weight or height limit of their forward facing car seat should ride in a belt-positioning booster seat until the adult seat belt can fit properly.

  • Your child can safely ride in an adult seat belt after passing the Seat Belt Readiness Test:

    1. Sits all the way against the vehicle’s seat back
    2. Knees bend at the edge of the vehicle seat
    3. Lap belt fits low across the upper thighs (not on the belly)
    4. Shoulder belt crosses between the neck and shoulder
    5. Sits comfortable in this position for the entire trip

  • Children under age 13 should ride in the back seat whenever possible.

To be sure your car seat is installed properly, follow the guidelines in your car seat and vehicle manual.

For information on available child safety seat inspections in King County click here , for Pierce County, click here. If you are unable to attend on the pre determined dates, you may schedule a child safety seat inspection by contacting the VRFA Public Education Division at 253-288-5800.



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