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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Valley Regional Fire Authority offer First Aid/CPR training?

The Fire Authority offers a CPR Class covering Adult, Child, and Infant CPR, and an Adult First Aid/CPR Class.

First Aid / CPR Class Information

Can I burn in my back yard?

According to Puget Sound Clean Air Agency regulations, outdoor burning is not allowed within the city limits of Auburn.

Where can I get my fire extinguisher checked and serviced?

The fire Authority does not service fire extinguishers. Please look in the yellow pages under “Fire Extinguishers” for the service provider closest to your home.

To determine if your extinguisher needs servicing, simply check the following areas:

  • Check the pressure gauge on the fire extinguisher. The arrow should be in the green area – straight up on the gauge. If it is not, the extinguisher should be serviced.
  • The handle-locking device should be in place. If it has been broken, your extinguisher may need to be serviced.
  • You cannot use fire extinguishers more than once without having them serviced. If yours has been partially used, it needs to be serviced.
  • If your extinguisher is over 12 years old, you should have it checked and serviced.
  • If any part of the extinguisher is cracked or broken, it should be checked and serviced.

* Tip: For ABC dry chemical type extinguishers (the most common type sold), twice a year tip the extinguisher upside down and gently tap the canister with a rubber mallet to loosen the dry chemical powder.

Does the fire Authority have any volunteer opportunities?

The Valley Regional Fire Authority utilizes full-time, paid firefighters and does not have a volunteer firefighter program. Some surrounding area fire departments including Kent and King County Fire District 44 do offer volunteer firefighter opportunities. Contact them for more information.

Occasionally, the Fire Authority can use volunteers to assist with reception duties and public education projects. Please call 253-288-5800 for more information.

Does the Fire Authority provide projects for those needing to fulfill community service hours?

No. Due to the inherent dangers involved in Fire Authority operations, community service projects are not available.

I would like to be a firefighter. How do I start?

It is highly recommended, although not required, that those who wish to be a firefighter investigate the job fully and acquire training before applying for positions. The job is demanding, both mentally and physically. In addition the competition for the job can be daunting; it is not uncommon for 500 people to apply for one firefighter position. Training and job understanding will increase the chance of attaining a firefighter position.

There are two main avenues that can be taken to learn the job of a firefighter. The first involves becoming a volunteer firefighter. The second involves attending firefighting courses through technical colleges, such as Bates Technical College in Tacoma.

How can I make a donation to the Fire Authority?

The Auburn Fire Medic Fund accepts donations. They can be made as a memorial and are used for training and special equipment. Mail donations, checks payable to:

Auburn Fire Medic Fund
P.O. Box 1237
Auburn, WA 98071

Can I get my blood pressure reading taken at the Fire Authority?

Yes. Fire Authority staff members will take blood pressure readings at Station 31, Station 32, and Station 38. If you need your blood pressure taken after business hours, please ring the doorbell to alert fire crews of your presence. If firefighters are not out of the station on emergency calls, they will help you.

How does the 911 system work? What can I expect if I call?

The 911 call is received by a dispatch call receiver at Valley Communications Center in Kent. The call receiver prioritizes the call relative to its nature and sends VRFA Firefighters/EMTs. The average time for a call to be received and dispatched is 30 seconds.

As the call is received, the information is transmitted to responding Firefighter/EMTs by an additional dispatcher. If deemed necessary, paramedics from King County Medic One are sent to provide Advanced Life Support.

When calling from a cellular phone, your call will be received by the Washington State Patrol. You will need to relay to them where you are calling from and they will connect you with your local dispatching service.

Why do so many Fire Authority engines and aid cars respond to a 911 call?

The VRFA responds to 911 calls with enough personnel and equipment to safely and effectively manage each type of incident. For example, a response to a cardiac arrest emergency may include a fire engine, an aid unit and a paramedic unit, for a total of seven personnel. In this example, each individual works as part of a team, performing the many tasks that are required to perform CPR: airway management, chest compressions, defibrillation, and assisting to the paramedics, who provide advanced skills such as endotracheal intubation, IV and central line placement, and drug therapy.

Does the Fire Authority remove cats from trees?

No. Please call King County Animal Control.

Does the Fire Authority fill swimming pools, dunk tanks?

No. The water contained in the tanks of our fire engines and pulled from fire hydrants may contain dirt and other particulates, and is therefore inappropriate for filling of swimming pools and dunk tanks.

Does the Fire Authority offer ride-alongs for Citizens?

Yes. Those wishing to ride along with fire crews must be at least 16 years of age, complete a ride-along request form, and waiver of liability. The forms can be obtained at Station 31, 1101 D Street NE, and must be returned at least five business days in advance of the date requested for the ride-along. The ride-along cannot take place after 9 p.m. and the duration cannot be more than eight hours.

Can I leave donations for the food bank at the Fire Authority?

Yes. Station 31, 1101 D Street NE, accepts non-perishable food items for the Auburn Food Bank. Contributions can be dropped off at Station 31 Monday through Friday from the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Food Bank accepts food donations Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. They are closed on Wednesday. For client services you may contact them 253 833-8925. The Auburn Food Bank is located at 930 - 18th Place NE in Auburn.

How do I obtain a copy of a fire or medical report?

It may be necessary for you to request a copy of a fire or aid report. If so, please complete the “Requests for Records” form and mail, fax or submit in person to the Valley Regional Fire Authority. A completed and signed Release of Medical Records form must accompany requests for aid reports. Requests cannot be processed without the correct date and location of the incident.

Valley Regional Fire Authority
Records Specialist
1101 D St NE
Auburn WA 98002


Records Specialist
Fax: 253-288-5970

Once the requests are received, the report is then photocopied and forwarded to the City of Auburn's Legal Department for review and release.

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